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A place to get you updated about Lisbon's innovation scene and the one and only official community of Lisbon-based innovators

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It's getting bigger

Get a few more chairs for your meeting room

Be prepared, things are getting bigger. From now on you will get an overwhelming dose of new connections every day. Meet them. Talk to them. Hug them tight if you want to. Have a coffee or a jola. Have a meeting or a fight. It’s your call, your network. Grow it. Be bigger.

business soulmates here
Where are you now?

Get lost finding the place you’re looking for

Eh pá! This looks like an innovator’s market! This tool pinpoints every single Spot that belongs to the so-called ecosystem of Lisbon and helps you find what you want to and the ones you never knew existed.

FabLab? Co-working places with a view? Creative Hubs around you? Name it. Look for it. Be here.

They have been spotted here
It's getting bigger

Get familiar with the companies around you

There is no such thing as not being found. Ah pois. Here you can look for all the companies within Lisbon innovators scene and get to know your neighbors. There’s always a day when you’ll need them to feed your cat. Be part of the map, be part of the ecosystem and make sure everyone can find your company. Show yourself. Be part of.

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Be there too

Go get yourself a new t-shirt, I’ll wait downstairs

Bora! Hurry up and get ready. Your days of FOMO are over. A lot is going around, and this feature is here to keep you updated and make sure you’ll be at the right place at the right time.

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