HackatHOME x Tech@Católica, CTIE & Thorly

04 April, 09h00

“I will use the time of quarantine to learn a new language!” Great Idea, let us help you and guide you through a Data Scientist work day!

Event at at home
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Ask Me Anything: Documentation in a Remote Company

03 April, 18h00

We'll talk all about documentation. What are the recommended tools and how to create and maintain your company's own single source of truth.

Event at Work Remote
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"Careers of the future" by Le Wagon

02 April, 19h00

Understand how various famous startups began and how to kick-start your own idea! #StayHomeKeepGrowing

Event at online
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"E agora, Portugal? Empreender no país durante e após a crise" by Startse and Startup Portugal

02 April, 17h00

What are the key measures and initiatives being taken in different parts of the world and how Portugal is dealing with it? #StayHomeKeepGrowing

Event at online
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Meaningful Talks | How to create meaningful time?

01 April, 19h00

In this online event you will understand how to balance what's urgent and what’s important in your life and which methods work better for you!

Event at Coachmi
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Healthtech Online Demo Day: Watch Promising Startups Pitch

31 March, 18h00

Now more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs building impactful companies in the healthtech space. On this live and interactive online event...

Event at Remote - FI Headquarter Silicon Valley
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Masterclass Alimentação & Emoções | Online Edition

26 March, 18h30

Quem nunca tentou calar a frustração de um dia miserável numa dose XXL de batatas fritas? Não se preocupem, nós temos a solução perfeita!

Event at Live Streaming | Online Edition
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WEBINAR moviinn talkiinn - Portugal explained / Edition #5: Choose the right type of Portuguese visa

26 March, 17h30


Event at Wherever
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Meaningful Talks | Online Edition - Free

25 March, 19h00

Concerning the new circumstances, we decided to adapt the concept of our Meaningful Talks and for the time being, move it online!

Event at At Your Home
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WEBINAR moviinn talkiinn - Portugal explained, Edition #4: FREELANCING IN PORTUGAL - PROs & CONs

18 March, 18h30

We will help you understand tax and residency-related issues if you are a freelancer of a digital nomad, without a full-time employment agreement

Event at Wherever you are
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Crisis Control: How to Implement Remote Work in Your Team When You're Not Ready

18 March, 10h00

How do you implement remote work and manage your team when you've never done it before? Join experts as they discuss best practices on remote working.

Event at Work Remote
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Workshop Gestão de Stress

07 March, 10h00

Sentem que o vosso dia-a-dia é sempre uma loucura? É fundamental conseguirmos reequilibrar e preservar a nossa estabilidade emocional e intelectual.

Event at Work Avenida
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