Canivete Suíço [ét - Suí.ssú]

It’s an attribute. A person that is a "canivete suíço", is someone that can do a lot of different things and stuffs with incredible mastery. Like a MacGyver, this person is a problem solver, a T-Shapper, multitasked, lifelong learner.
Contributor: Raquel Félix - Researcher & Project Manager at With Company

Cash Flow Statement

A report that details the inflows and outflows of cash for a business. This is different from an income statement because it includes items outside of revenue and expenses that impact cash, such as investments and financings. Example: Even though our income statement shows that we lost a million dollars last year, our cash flow statement reflects a huge net inflow of cash due to a new VC round.

Cohort Analysis

An analysis in which customers are separated into groups (cohorts) based on common attributes, most commonly the date of their registration or first purchase. Example: We ran a cohort analysis to determine if our newer customers were behaving differently than our older ones.


Coworking meets life itself. Groups of digital nomads gather in camps around the world, working and sharing accomodation in heavenly locations like Bali, beautiful islands in Greece or in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. Check projects like The Hacker Paradise;; Copass Camps; DNX Camps; or even Coboat (yes, coliving in a boat). In common they all have an idea of sharing and openness made of different people, languages, cultures and professions.
Contributor: Fernando Mendes - Coworklisboa


A new verb to define a time and space shared by free and flexible workers although Coworking is much more than just shared office space. In fact, it is even much more than work space as it incorporates all aspects in life (professional, social, leisure, sport, well-being, etc) and it is nurtured by its resident communities. Coworking spaces are more hospitality oriented than work related. It is about being free, together. Lisboa has more coworking spaces than incubators, accelerators and fablabs all together.
Contributor: Fernando Mendes - Coworklisboa

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