Dar aos gadabulhos [Dare - Aus - Ga.Da.Bu.Lhús]

Means the same as “dar ao dedo” (you can also use that expression). It means doing something very fast with you fingers, for example if you are writing an email or a text very fast in your keyboard you are “dar aos gadabulhos”. Just use it daily and you’ll sound like a professional Portuguese.
Contributor: Matilde Horta - With Company


A slide-based presentation that can be transferred digitally. Typically associated with investment pitch presentations. Example: The VC told me to send him our deck and he'd call us if he's interested.
Source: www.startupdefinition.com

Deep Bench

In sports, having a deep bench means having a large number of very talented players. As not all players are playing at the same time, very talented players will be sitting "on the bench" waiting to play. For startups, this means having a very smart, hardworking team and not relying on the founder to be the only star of the company. Example: "It is easier to get funded if you have a deep bench. No one wants to think that the fate of the entire company rests on one person alone.
Source: www.startupdefinition.com

Demo Day

Where the graduating class of Incubators and Accelerators is given a chance to pitch to investors.
Source: www.fundingsage.com

Desenrasque [Desén - rrás - quee]

s. masc. The Portuguese art of improvisation. To pull a MacGyver.
Contributor: Miguel Ferreira - That Special Record


When the valuation of a company at the time of an investment round is lower than its valuation at the conclusion of a previous round.
Source: www.fundingsage.com

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