Later Stage

A stage of company growth characterized by viable products, a developed market, significant customers, sustained revenue growth, and both profits and positive cash flow from operations. Later-stage companies would generally be candidates for an IPO. Investments in the C round or after qualify as later stage.

Learning Spaces

Learning is not an exclusive of schools and academia anymore. The ubiquity of the Internet brings learning to unusual spaces like work spaces, public spaces and digital ones of course. Education can now be built by every one of us (hack, in fact). We also learn by peers and that learning process is boosted by the tech-mediated life we all have nowadays.
Contributor: Fernando Mendes - Coworklisboa

Liquidation Preference

A term in a venture capital deal that allows investors to get their money back before others receive proceeds from a sale of the company. Liquidity preference typically only comes into play when a company is sold for less than the post-money valuation that the investor paid. Example: Our investors only owned 10% of the company but they took home 50% of the sale price because of their liquidation preference.

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