Starting your business the good old fashioned way: with little (own) money and sweat capital, and reinvesting your earnings.
Contributor: Bruno Nascimento - CEO and Co-Founder Parqly, Co-founder of Barba Brada

Bora [B oh - r aa]

It's a shorthand for Embora . Embora is an adverb there meaning "out of here". You would say “Vamos embora!" - "Let's get out of here!" but you can even omit "vamos" and say only Embora!, using it as an interjection. In its informal use, the word Embora can be used beside its meaning and just as a way of indicating encouragement. In this case vamos would also be omitted and you would yell Bora! for instance to support your football team: “Bora Portugal!" or Bora, bora" meaning "keep going, keep going".
Contributor: Made of Lisboa


Concept that is being on debate at the moment and is related with startups and other companies investment.
Contributor: Sara de Praetere - Founder at Lisbon Workhub and StartUP Magazine

Burn Rate

The amount of cash that a company consumes each month in order to continue operations. Occasionally refers to total expenses, but more commonly used to refer to cash receipts minus cash expenses when the difference is negative. Example: My company has a burn rate of €100,000 and €1,000,000 in cash on our balance sheet, so we have 10 months of runway.

Business Plan

A document utilized by management and relied upon heavily by some investors, that entrepreneurs use in detailing their business concept as well as their company’s overall strategic and financial objectives. In recent years the Business Model Canvas has become increasingly popular with both entrepreneurs and managers as a guide or framework for the startup’s efforts, and in many cases is now utilized in lieu of the Business Plan by these parties.

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