Beta Shift - Tourism

By Beta-i Sep 16, 2020

Do you want to make sure you have a bold idea for a business in the tourism industry? Beta Shift is what you need!

Beta Shift - Tourism
Beta Shift – Tourism is a program focused on fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset around new business ideas for this crucial tourism industry.

You’ll experience a 3-days intensive training program designed to train individuals and (aspiring) entrepreneurs about concepts like business validation, revenue models, prototype, testing, and pitching.

The program comes in 2 editions: the weekend edition (9 to 11 October) and the weekday edition (14 to 16 October).

Beta Shift looks for ideas or projects related to the Tourism sector and includes workshops, mentoring, and teamwork. You can apply with an idea and a team, or you can team-up with other participants directly during the event.

What you get?

16 hours of transformative experience filled with creation, workshops, mentorings

10 trainers, mentors and industry experts supporting your project
6 workshops that equip you unique knowledge to build your idea
20 unique ideas with teams that you can be a part of
1000 euro prize for the best team selected during each of the bootcamps

Visit the website, check out details and fill out your application!

Apply until 3 October.