Breast Cancer Innovation Program

By Made of Lisboa Jul 23, 2020

If you have an innovative solution in this field, you can submit your startup until August 31, 2020

Breast Cancer Innovation Program
Pfizer Italy and H-FARM are launching an Open Innovation Program to develop and validate innovative solutions for women with metastatic breast cancer. 

The program objective is to create positive impact on their well-being and daily routine, improve the relationship between patients and physicians, and empower physicians to foster stronger, empathy-driven relationship with the patients.

The program will connect startups from Europe with Pfizer Italy to test and validate their solutions. 

Pfizer Italy together with H-FARM will select the best startups to pitch to the Pfizer’s Management with the ultimate goal of launching a Proof of Concept. Successful PoCs will have the scale-up opportunity, both in Italy and internationally.

We are looking for the following solutions:

- Patient-physician interaction: web, mobile and live solutions
- Online tool & resources for medical training on physician-patient communication issues

- Tools for the physicians’ day-by-day activity simplification (AI, bot...)
- Networks/platforms enabling communication network creation among caregivers (Doctor 2 Doctor, Doctor 2 Patients) Clinical decision support (predictive analytics)

- Extra therapeutic services (psychological support, nutrition, motor rehabilitation, daily activities, etc.)
- Personalized health & quantified self (nutrition & diet plan, activity tracking, biometrics tracking & parametric, challenges & gamification)
- Wellness / Wellbeing (stress management, rewarding system)
- Continuous assistance / information available 24/7
- Booking and check reservation tool (simplification of bureaucracy)
- Patient / consumer experience (medical results & data access, treatment plan & monitoring, post cure monitoring, evolved consumer care (AI, BOT, ...) 

If you have an innovative solution in this field, you can submit your startup until August 31, 2020 at

The selected startups will have the opportunity to present their projects to the Pfizer team during an Innovation Event next November. The best ones could start collaborating with the company.

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