CaixaImpulse COVID-19

By Made of Lisboa Apr 8, 2020

Submit Your Biomedical Innovation By 15 April To The CaixaImpulse Express Call And Get The Impulse You Need To Address This Global Challenge.

CaixaImpulse COVID-19
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Do you have a biomedical innovation that could help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic crisis?

 “la Caixa” Foundation is holding a new express call through CaixaImpulse, offering support to projects and technologies focused on preventing, diagnosing, treating or monitoring COVID-19.

Projects should fulfil the following requirements:

● Projects, strategies or technologies focused on COVID-19
● Transferability potential
● Development plan
● Relevant impact on patients and practitioners

Apply to the CaixaImpulse Express Call on the COVID-19 outbreak by 15 April!

The greatest challenges need the best science.

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