DMS Accelerator opens its second call to become the European motor for startups

By Made of Lisboa May 25, 2020

This call is for all startups specialized in data within the EU seeking a new boost in the market. Open until the 31st of May 2020.

DMS Accelerator opens its second call to become the European motor for startups
DMS Accelerator is a consortium comprised of several companies that aim to help SMEs and startups specialized in data to overcome existing barriers in markets. A project fundraised by the European Union Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020.

How does the process work?

DMS Accelerator will scout and engage with startups from all parts of the EU that are in the data market. After that, a form will be provided to have complete information about the startup. This form will be available from March 16 to May 31.

How will this programme help the 50 selected startups?

With a series of free services in 5 different categories: investment, acceleration, legal training, standardization and data skills, taught by the companies participating in DMS Accelerator. The purpose of these services is the participants can improve their skills and scale-up in the European market.

Which are the services the startups will have access to?During six moths startups will have access to a range of services:

- A variety of webinars in different themes: investment, content, data protection.
- Promotion in events such as TNW, South Summit, Smart City Solutions, EBDVF or Pixels Camp.
- Mentoring and coaching sessions with specialists.
- Mobility programmes.
- Matchmaking with investors.
- And last but not least, they will leverage the reinforcement of the community thanks to the engagement with other existing initiatives like the FIWARE community or the Big - -Data Value PPP, and events like Pixel Camps in Portugal and The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam.

All the 2019 selected startups had access to those services, and they had the opportunity to attend to a large selection of events in Europe. A video summary of some of these activities was created to showcase this year full of services.

Which requirements does your startup need to apply?
Be a data-specialized startup and be part of the European Union.

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