FIA Region I Start-Up Challenge - 2nd Edition

By Made of Lisboa Dec 3, 2020

Calling all startups in cars, mobility & wider assistance! Apply for the FIA Region I’s Start-up challenge. Applications close on 28th February 2021

FIA Region I Start-Up Challenge - 2nd Edition
Is your startup working on an innovative idea that offers services dedicated to cars, or wider assistance like breakdown repairs, security/connected homes or personal e-commerce/admin assistance? Then you might want to take note of this new opportunity!

After a successful first edition, the FIA Region I is happy to once again offer startups an opportunity to connect with its network of 103 mobility Clubs.

What’s in it for you?

The elected startups will have multiple opportunities to connect with the FIA Region I network, which via its mobility Clubs which represent over 36 million consumers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Throughout 2021 they will benefit from numerous opportunities to pitch their ideas to FIA Region I’s mobility Club experts, business development staff and decision-makers.

Mobility Clubs are trustworthy brands and have a strong membership base, built over the years thanks to a wide range of services. They are constantly looking for new ways to assist members in their daily lives. By connecting with Clubs, startups may get a chance to test their ideas, get valid feedback, and possibly penetrate large markets in partnership with Clubs.

Laurianne Krid, Director General at FIA Region I explained further: “Innovating and anticipating consumer needs are key components of our mobility Clubs’ business models. Clubs are increasingly seen by the public as mobility providers and seeking opportunities to better serve their millions of members. By participating in the challenge startups will not only gain visibility but most importantly find qualified partners to test and possibly launch their ideas”.

Can I apply?

This year’s categories in the FIA Region I Start-up challenge reflect the vast expansion of mobility Clubs over the last decades. Nowadays their purview reaches not only cars, but also mobility at large, and even wider assistance services that simplify their members’ lives. They are therefore looking for startups with an innovative solution on:

CARS: How can mobility Clubs improve and innovate the use of cars in the future? The car has been at the centre of mobility Clubs’ business for many years. As the use of the car as well as its features evolve steadily, mobility Clubs are looking for new ways of being at the driver’s side. In this category startups are welcome to submit ideas such as in the fields of: connected cars, ownership models, road safety, electric-mobility and the environmental impact of cars, etc.

MOBILITY: How can Clubs offer members the best mobility experience and solutions? Today, users have a big variety of transportation options at their disposal and are redefining their preferred way to move around. Mobility Clubs are looking for new ways to help their members in this transition and to find a mobility option that fits their particular needs. In this category startups can submit alternative mobility solutions such as in the fields of: urban mobility, mobility as a service / on-demand, micro-mobility solutions, etc.

ASSISTANCE: How can mobility Clubs make people’s lives easier outside of their cars? Mobility Clubs can offer a wide range of assistance services to their members beyond mobility. This may include services inside peoples’ homes (e.g. breakdown repairs / security / connected homes) or any personal assistance service (e.g. e-commerce, administrative tasks). How can Clubs support people everywhere, not only when their car breaks down? How can they help people enjoy healthier and happier lifestyles? In the assistance category, startups can submit ideas under topics like: home assistance, health, personal assistance, etc.

This year’s Start-Up Challenge sees also the participation of two great supporting partners: Agorize, (the world leader in online open innovation challenges), and Funding Box (matchmaker of global brands with promising startups).

Entrants need to have at least a proof of concept or a minimum viable product and have a full-time CEO and CTO or equivalent (i.e. a ‘business’ person and a ‘technology’ person).

Applications close on 28th February 2021, and they are looking forward to your ideas! Visit the FIA Region I Start-Up Challenge website today.

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