Remote Work Mentorship Program - Open till 13 April 2020

By Made of Lisboa Apr 8, 2020

Do you want a more flexible, sustainable, and healthier way of working?

Remote Work Mentorship Program - Open till 13 April 2020

The Municipality of Lisbon, through the Future of Work initiative, is associated with this Mentorship Program for 100 individuals, within the scope of Remote Work. 

The main objective of the program is to promote the training of individuals in developing skills that will help them find full-time employment online. The program gives free mentorships to qualified applicants to guide them how to work remotely properly and sustainably and is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 – Online Training

The program will take place online.  An intensive seven-day experience offering participants the opportunity to evolve, create, share and develop their careers with the aim of preparing and training the participants to implement their action plans.

Phase 2 – Follow-up program·

· Individual and personalised online mentoring according to previously identified needs for a maximum of 30 days;
· Community events – periodic events organised by the Remote Work Mentorship Program- Lisboa community with the aim of providing a debate on the main challenges experienced by participants and the exchange of good practices. These events may have different formats and duration.
· Networking events – these events are open to the community and aim to provide inspiration to the participants and enable networking.

In order to apply for Remote Work Mentorship Program, applicants must be:
· Over 18 years old, of any nationality, living in Portugal.
· Must be able to write and speak in English. Medium of instruction and communication is in English.

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