1# If the community gives, you always give it back

The first moment you arrive to Lisbon, you will experience it. You will get much from everyone - people like to help. It’s an infinite cycle. Having a coffee, get you in touch with someone or just telling you one of their stories. As we use to say: “Somos uns para os outros” and one day you’ll help someone too.
Inspiration: João Romão - GetSocial

2# Business and city always walk side by side

The prime concern of our businesses is too to belong, to be part of. Our contribution should fulfil oneself of course, but in a way we must fit and sustain the city of Lisbon and their citizens too. It’s not based only on money but also on making our city and lives better.
Contributor: Made of Lisboa

3# Keep talking and walking

Easy one. “You have 3 minutes?” If you want to know something, just talk and walk with people. Grab a jola or a coffee and go. Do it in a practical way: “Let’s just go for a walk and I’ll let you know”. Learn with and from the other, don’t put yourself in a shell.
Contributor: Made of Lisboa

4# Share your stories

Share your stories with others: tell them about your latest startup failure and how you made your business grow again, what you’ve learned and felt. It’s what we call (sometimes, in a very cheesy way) a Escola da Vida. Improving with others is much faster, efficient and personal.
Contributor: Made of Lisboa

5# New in town? Welcome!

If you’re new in town, don’t get lost in old Lisbon crying in every corner and feeling depressed! We have usually a good radar to see new people around and we’ll definitely help you to know the scene around.
Contributor: Made of Lisboa

6# We play musical chair game at incubators

Everyone that has been incubated knows that it being ad aeternum occupying their chairs and tables is not a good practice. We should keep on and grow our business and give free space for new businesses to have their shot in the scene.
Inspiration: João Romão - GetSocial

7# Watchout for fools gold

In every gold rush, there are preachers and antagonists. They normally lure you with promises and motivational speeches, taking advantage of your skills and good will, and asking for volunteer work (ex: The famous “You grow with the company”, or “We’re are changing people's lives”, or “You will meet people from good places.”). If these people don’t have the money to pay for work, they don’t have the resources to grow. If they offer mentorship in exchange for volunteer work, it won’t worth it, The mentorship is weak, and most times they will delay everything and won’t help you, or it’s someone who doesn’t have enough proof to be mentoring someone.
Leave the volunteer work for real causes in the world, for people and animals in need.
Besides that, enjoy the city.. But don’t let anyone ruin or paralyze it slowly.
Contributor: Bartolomeu Rodrigues, former Fablab Lisboa member.

Feel free to suggest, comment and share your thoughts on what you consider to be the golden “rules" and best practices of a Lisbon-based innovators community.

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