The entrepreneur community of Lisbon based innovators, Made of Lisboa

For over a decade, innovative entrepreneurs from around the world have chosen Lisbon as the place to be happy. It's no surprise that Made of Lisboa was born here.

So, if you want to know what Made of Lisboa is made of, here's the thing: Think back to the last time you were at a sunny place, enjoying just being there. Think back to the time when you were somewhere, and you felt like you could work and live there. That is what the entrepreneur community, Made of Lisboa, is about. An authentic work-life city community.

Think back to the last time you were both happy and busy - time flew by between your work and the sunny days. Work flowed through you and your startup company almost effortlessly. That´s how working in Lisbon feels like. That is what ideas born in Lisbon are made of.

Made of Lisboa is an entrepreneur community that makes your startup business ideas and ambitions feel at home. And so will you.


An entrepreneur community to make things clear

Inform. Connect. Attract. Organize. Start up!

Made of Lisboa was born because we know how our entrepreneur community values straightforward information. Because we are aware that you feed your startup business with networking, we are mindful of the fact that good connections attract good investments, and we also know that a highly organized ecosystem can be of great help.

We get it. You're busy. So we keep it simple: our goal at Made of Lisboa is to outline and map the entrepreneur community in Lisbon and give you not only the power to see what your ecosystem is made of, but also the power to shape it through our tools.

Check the tools to navigate through our entrepreneur community

Map of the Entrepreneur Community

Our entrepreneur community, pinpointed. Discover all the entrepreneurial spirit in the official Lisbon entrepreneurial ecosystem map where you can find all the city innovative entrepreneurs pinpointed - and get yourself in there too.

Community Directory

Collaborative workspace, innovative entrepreneurs and startup companies. Check out and track who belongs to our entrepreneur community, what are their startup businesses about, who are your neighbors, and you can also text them.

Articles with Startup Business Ideas

Cases, tips and quotes. Track what other startup entrepreneurs think and write about; you can upload your articles and startup business ideas, inform and become a Made of Lisboa influencer.

Lisbon Entrepreneur Events

Find out which business events, meetings, and gatherings are coming up that might interest you and your startup company.

An entrepreneur community based on collaborative people, like you!

Made of Lisboa is collaborative, just like you.

It's a free and open entrepreneur community where anyone can express themselves and cooperate in its construction.

This platform is all about you and your startup business, so make use of our feedback tool to stand up for yourself. Give us feedback and tips about what you would like to see here or maybe a new way of using the website.

We embrace progress and new vision.
Tell us about it.