Web Summit is here because we are Made of Lisboa

Nov 2, 2017

A look on what you can expect from Made of Lisboa at the Web Summit.

Web Summit is here because we are Made of Lisboa

You may already know that the Web Summit has chosen Lisbon to be its home for, at least, three years. Come next week, we’re about to see Web Summit’s second edition in town.

You may also know that Paddy Cosgrave chose us “because of the strong infrastructure in the city, the world-class venue and the thriving startup community.”

What you might not know, is that Made of Lisboa will be representing that vibrant startup community and the city of Lisbon itself during the conference.

As a brand, we represent not only Lisbon’s City Council but also the community of people, companies and spots part of entrepreneurial ecosystem.

And as their representative we’ll have a Stand to show YOU what Lisbon is made of.

A stand where you can meet some of the people, some of the companies and some of the spots. And also our own team. 

If you want to connect with the Movers and Shakers in Lisbon, pay us a visit.
If you want to talk on how you can parter with us, pay us a visit.
If you want to know why you should choose Lisbon, pay us a visit.
If you are an investor, entrepreneur, founder, journalist, service provider or simply want to know more about Lisbon’s innovation scene, pay us a visit.

Where can you find us?

We will be located in Pavillion 4, in the central corridor, really close to the entrance.

So, if you’re going to to Web Summit, don’t be a stranger and be sure to stop by our stand and say Hi.

We’d love to meet and see what you are made of.