You Are What You Love. What are you made of?

Oct 24, 2018

Pedro is 50% technology, 20% viewing points and 30% design. On the other hand, Mariana sees herself as 50% creativity, 20% gardens and 30% nightlife. And you?

You Are What You Love. What are you made of?

With the Web Summit taking off in Lisbon next week, Lisbon’s City Council is launching a campaign with a simple idea: You Are What You Love!

The concept reminds us that the city of Lisbon is made of each and every one of who is Made of Lisboa, in multiple and different ways. Together we make this city vibrant, diverse and unique!

We will take you through the amazing  life experiences of 8 people who call Lisbon their home, and how relate themselves with the city.

Coming from multiple professional areas, all of them experience a shared love for Lisbon - in some cases a long lasting affair and in others a more recent passion.

Developed by Lisbon City Council/ Made of Lisboa, A Equipa and TORKE CC  the campaign is on the streets and on digital channels until the end of Web Summit.

Check this link to know more.

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