The Soul of Lisbon

Nov 1, 2019

What does the Soul of Lisbon look, smell, and feel like? Become part of a one-time experiment of the House of Beautiful Business.

The Soul of Lisbon

What makes the soul of city?

Can you define it?  Where do you look for it?

And if you could leave a message to the soul of Lisbon, what would you say?

Over the last years, Lisboa went through a lot of changes and faces an inflexion point as it keeps developing. With progress come inevitable challenges and one can wonder: Can Lisboa keep its soul? 

To help us find out,  we challenged the House of Beautiful Business and its residents to run an experiment in downtown Lisboa and we would like to invite you to participate.

Come share with us your thoughts on the Soul of our city, if and how can preserve it.

Join us on Monday 4th November from 5pm-6pm at The Bank, Rua do Comércio 130, 1100-060 Lisboa. Entrance is free and you don't need to get a ticket. Just show up and we'll see you there.