Future of Work Conference Presentations

Dec 16, 2019

In case you missed the conference, check the presentations on this article.

Future of Work Conference Presentations

Nearly 200 participants attended the International Conference “Lisboa Roadmap for the Future of Work”. Their energy and commitment powered the beginning of this process on building a Strategic Roadmap for the Future of Work in Lisboa.

But if you weren't one of them and you would like to review the wealth of information presented during the events, you can now get access to the speaker's presentations on the links below:

Download Presentation: Scenarios & Roadmap for the Future of Work in Lisboa

By Olivier Woeffray Practice Lead of Strategic Intelligence, World Economic Forum and Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho (ISEG Executive Education)

Download Presentation: Future of Work in Lisboa – Strategy, Challenges & Opportunities 

By Margarida Figueiredo, General Director for Economy and Innovation, Lisbon City Council

Download Presentation: Lisbon City Insight - Jobs & Skills 

By Mirek Pospisil, Senior Lead Public Policy and Government Affairs, LinkedIn

To have an idea of how the whole day went, check the link below: