Act Digital
Largo da Graça, Nº82, 1º Esq
São Vicente, Lisboa
[ 38.71647434, -9.13050677 ]

Act Digital

Founded by

  • Diogo Bonina
  • Vasco Bila
  • Diogo Fabiana
  • Rui Jorge
Connecting brands and people in the digital world

About the company

We are a digital services agency, working mainly in websites creation, web apps and digital platforms.
We are also managing social media all the way from define strategie to content creation, conversationt, advertising and analyses.
We work for companies like L'Oreal, Schweppes, Warner Music, Esporão, Pandora, The Body Shop


  • 6
    Years fully digital
  • 100
    % sure we will be
  • 50
    times greater
  • 1
    day at the time
  • 4
    as long as we get
  • 50
    % hard work 50% fun