BET -Bring Entrepreneurs Together

Founded by

  • João Freire de Andrade
BET - Bring Entrepreneurs Together promotes entrepreneurship among young people in Portugal from all areas of knowledge.

About the company

BET - Bring Entrepreneurs Together is present in colleges such as CATÓLICA-LISBON, Nova SBE, IST, Nova FCT and Católica FCH through projects and events with entrepreneurs from all areas of knowledge. We provide all the necessary tools, networking and experience for real-life college student projects, combining them with investors, partners, and providing financial and strategic mentoring to their startups.


  • 2600
    Participants @ bet24
  • 75
    Mentored startups
  • 88k
    € given in prizes
  • 150
    startups launched
  • 12
    trips abroad given
  • 10
    M€ helped raising