IsGreen Lda
Rua Cidade de Goa, 4 - Parque REN, Vivenda EDP
Parque das Nações, Lisboa
[ 38.78320680, -9.10224980 ]

IsGreen Lda

Founded by

  • Carlos Rosário
  • Jaime Sotto-Mayor
Intelligent lighting, temperature HVAC, Comfort & Security according to space usability in Real time in buildings with predictive analyses.

About the company

The smart way to save energy and reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.
A solution to manage lighting and equipment from anywhere at anytime. That ensures comfort, increases system reliability and lowers maintenance costs.
Individual controllers for lamps and equipment, share in a cloud status and readings from its sensors, generating an immense collection of dynamic information that is collected, stored and analyzed in the cloud to be always accessible in real time even remotely.