Le Wagon Lisbon
R. de Campolide, n.º 28
Campolide, Lisboa
[ 38.73431430, -9.16456120 ]

Le Wagon Lisbon

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Le Wagon is a coding school for startups and entrepreneurs.

About the company

Our main program, a 9-week FullStack Bootcamp, is designed for complete beginners or "half-beginners" who really want to dive into web-development and change their mindset. We teach them ruby, SQL, and the Rails application framework, as well as advanced HTML/CSS techniques (flexbox, grid) and Javascript with technologies such as jQuery and React.js. It's a very demanding program for people who want to be able to build their own product.


  • 200
    Lisbon Alumni
  • 4000
    Global Alumni
  • 9
    9 week bootcamp
  • 360
    hours of code
  • 4
    bootcamps per year