Line Health
Praça Carlos Fabião, nr 3, Bloco D, Escritório 2
Avenidas Novas, Lisboa
[ 38.72225240, -9.13933660 ]

Line Health

Founded by

  • Diogo Ortega
  • Sofia Simões de Almeida
  • Luís Castro
  • Joana Vieira
Never miss your medication again.

About the company

Half of the medicines worldwide are not taken as prescribed by physicians, and this costs the US healthcare system $290B annually. The average Medicare beneficiary (65+ years old) takes between 6 and 8 different pills per day and has no help in organizing or taking them - if they fail to do it, they may end up in the hospital with serious complications (like a stroke), or even die prematurely.

We developed a smart pill dispenser - it sits on the countertop of chronic patients' homes and automat