Rua particular Av. Biarritz, 82
Other, Lisboa
[ 38.72780500, -9.14145700 ]


Founded by

  • Martim Perestrelo
  • Luis Medina
Luma turns EVs into clean, virtual energy storage.

About the company

Luma is creating an intelligent cloud algorithm and companion user app that aggregates and manages the charging and discharging of thousands of Electric Vehicles parked throughout a city, essentially creating giant virtual batteries at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy storage. With it, Luma will be able to provide services to the electricity grid, reduce the degradation of the EVs and demand-side management for clients' buildings.


  • 9
  • 7380
    CAC by the 5th year
  • 2
    CAC recovery time
  • 666k
    Project life value
  • 10k
    1st on EIT Jumpstart
  • 11
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