Onalytics Technologies
Calçada do Duque. 13, 1º Dto
Santo António, Lisboa
[ 38.71340010, -9.14113970 ]

Onalytics Technologies

Founded by

  • João Tacanho
  • Cristina Raposo
  • Nuno Lopes
  • Luis Rosado
Onalytics delivers smart end to end IoT tracking and monitoring solutions with a particular focus on the beverage industry.

About the company

The purpose of the Onalytics solutions is to provide customers with not just sensor data, but
actionable insights on their business, giving them total visibility over their assets’ behavior,
movement, temperature, location and overall operating conditions. These insights translate into
increased operational efficiency, as well as a decrease in operational and security related costs.
The Solution as a Service business model was designed to address customer needs and provide
extra flexibility.