ISCTE, Avenida das Forças Armadas, Reitoria Gab.2S2, Lisbon Portugal
Avenidas Novas, Lisboa
[ 38.72225240, -9.13933660 ]


Founded by

  • Pedro Fraga
  • Diana Mota
  • João Pinto
  • Fabrício Monteiro
  • Frederico Maccario
Parqist is a free app that aims to help you to find a parking spot, especially in the big city centers, based on an information sharing community.

About the company

it works by allowing users to share the location of their parking spot, enabling the ones that are looking to quickly locate a parking place. The advertiser only needs to share the location of the parking spot and the time frame in which the parking place will be available. Then there’s a match between the advertiser and another user that’s looking for parking.


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  • 1200
    Active users
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  • 65k
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