Rua de armisticio
Parque das Nações, Lisboa
[ 38.77759980, -9.10140350 ]


Founded by

  • Rajesh Kalra
future is already here but not equally distributed,

About the company

Rikxa is an Indian acronym for 3 wheeler vehicle which in South east Asia is known as TUK TUK and in India and other countries in subcontinent is famous as most economical mode of transport.Rikxa have no working fare meters
At present its totally unorganized fragmented with no structure discipline consistency or quality of service We want to expand and change that.


  • 50
    billion global marke
  • 10
    million dialy users
  • 10
    fold growth potentia
  • 40
    % economical
  • 6
    takes 6 passengers
  • 90
    % eco friendly