Sardinha em Lata
Av. Oscar Monteiro Torres, 55C
Areeiro, Lisboa
[ 38.74381470, -9.14018620 ]

Sardinha em Lata

Founded by

  • Nuno Beato
Animation Studio in Lisbon, specialised in 2D and Stopmotion Animation.

About the company

We are a Portuguese animation film producer, founded in 2007. We seek to promote and contribute to the development of the animation cinema industry in Portugal.
Since 2007 we have earned over 700 selections in festivals all over the world and 66 Prizes in movies like “My Life in Your Hands”, “Restlessness”, “Eyes of the Lighthouse”, “Journey to Cape Verde”, “The Shoemaker”, “Independent mind”, between others, also produced a tv series 52x7' "Ema & Gui"​.