Estrada Paço do Lumiar, Pólo Tecnológico, Lt23
Lumiar, Lisboa
[ 38.72225240, -9.13933660 ]


Founded by

  • Anirban Chowdhury
  • Ivo Valente
  • Filipe Oliveira
Nothing known to men produces more power than a nuclear reaction. Scientifically, this happens when you add a neutron to an atom’s nucleus,

About the company

The assembling a team of senior expert individuals, with a 20+ years of experience, in all matter of fields, qualifies this company to stand among the leading IT specialists when it comes to delivery. Having a significant share of our businesses originating abroad, in countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland or the United Kingdom, there is still a large focus on the Portuguese market. Innovation is given a large role in the way business is conducted,


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