Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Campo Grande
Alvalade, Lisboa
[ 38.75599879, -9.15742642 ]


Founded by

  • Ricardo Mendes
  • Tiago Oliveria
  • Alysson Bessani
  • Bruno Santos Amaro
The cloud-of-clouds: the most secure and private way to store and share files.

About the company

A simple solution backed by a complex multicloud technology: Every file placed inside a special folder is encrypted and broken in blocks; Blocks are distributed between different clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM) and redundantly stored; Any combination of 2 clouds can rebuild the original file.

Do not trust us! Your files and your complete encryption keys never touch our servers.

Do not trust the clouds! Each provider only stores an encrypted block that is a portion of the complete file.


  • 100
    % Security
  • 100
    % Availability
  • 100
    % Choice