Andre Oliveira Martins
Travessa da Cara 18 2rd floor
Misericórdia, Lisboa
[ 38.71416990, -9.14469600 ]

Andre Oliveira Martins

Ceo & Founder at Placement in Portugal

Small Bio

I like to live, I like doing sports, I am a very curious person, I push myself to the limit whenever there is something to be done.

I like entrepreneurship, I love the process of idea generation; I like diversity, I like learning languages, I love to travel!

I am ready for new experiences & I love Lisbon!

I like to be free and make my own rules!

Lately rethinking best policies on how to best respecting planet earth

Available for Mentorin and strategic partners! I am #madeoflisboa


  • 200k
    Guests in our events
  • 7
    Companies created
  • 200
    Trips a year
  • 4
    Marketleader project
  • 300
    Rooms in lisbon