Carlos Goncalves
Av. Republica, 6, 7 Esq 1050-191
Avenidas Novas, Lisboa
[ 38.73493148, -9.14479670 ]

Carlos Goncalves

Founder & Ceo at Avila Spaces

Small Bio

Carlos the founder and CEO of the Avila Spaces and Avila Coworking with headquarters in Lisbon. In 2010, developed the myOffice app, the first worldwide virtual office app for mobile. In 2013 is named International Director of the Global Workspace Association, and co-writes the book “Out of the Office”, where he gives his vision about the future of workspaces. In 2016 presents Avila Spaces as a case study at the European Workplace Innovation Network, an initiative of the European Commision.