Draper Academy
Rua Almeida Brandão 19
Estrela, Lisboa
[ 38.71167000, -9.15640930 ]

Draper Academy

Founded by

  • Shashikiran Rao
Part of being an entrepreneur is constantly learning new skills and staying up to date with a fast moving world. This is why we’ve created DSH Academy

About the spot

Draper Startup House Lisbon Academy is located in the beautiful Estrela Neighborhood. We act as a micro university, curating Workshops, Bootcamps, Courses and Events.

We offer the option of short and long duration courses with the possibility of housing at our facilities.

DSH Academy does this through hands-on workshops and connecting one another to new people and places by staying at one of the DSH locations.

If you would like to learn more or enroll in one of our courses, contact us!


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