Garagem Infinita
Rua Damasceno Monteiro 110 D
São Vicente, Lisboa
[ 38.72127140, -9.13157560 ]

Garagem Infinita

Founded by

  • Cristina Santos
  • Alex Luna
Great ideas start on a yellow garage

About the spot

Located in the old city center, Garagem Infinita is a renovated space following the concept of a garage turned into an office. Here, we follow the concept that great ideas start on a garage space and we welcome entrepreneurs, artists, designers, developers to join our community and create big ideas together. We have a open space office for 24 people, 2 meeting rooms, lounge and kitchen area, one large classroom and a small shop where we host art exhibitions and showcase work from our coworkers.


  • 30
  • 2
    Meeting Rooms (6-8p)
  • 1
    Classroom for 30p
  • 1
    Shop and art exhibit
  • 1000
    Yellow Things
  • 1000
    Parking for ideas