Healthcare City
Rua Câmara Pestana nº 6, 6-A Edifício CEDOC II
Arroios, Lisboa
[ 38.71847630, -9.14000090 ]

Healthcare City

Founded by

  • Nova Medical School
  • Janssen
  • Lusíadas
  • Médis
A place where your idea can grow globally in the Healthcare Sector.

About the spot

The Healthcare City is the right place for any entrepreneur with an innovative idea and ambition to push forward and grow globally. We are not just looking for startups: you may well be an already established 20-employee company with a great idea but still struggling to grow in a global context, or a lone entrepreneur needing help to structure his business to expand it worldwide. Our true goal is to take your idea globally in the Healthcare sector and reduce the mortality startup business rate.