Unobvious Lab
Rua das Janelas Verdes, 128C
Estrela, Lisboa
[ 38.70486350, -9.16195040 ]

Unobvious Lab

Founded by

  • Tiago Silva Pereira
The UNOBVIOUS Lab is co-working and co-creation hub. Our core values – Impact & Hedonism – are present in all we create and foster.

About the spot

Above all, it´s a house for good people and purposeful causes. Its continuous quest is to promote and foster sustainability through entrepreneurship, art, creativity, disruption, innovation.
This space is also a great venue for various types and sizes of social and corporate events, with the larger area of around 200 sq. meters accommodating easily 150 people and a secluded 30 sq. meters room being a perfect setting for private dining, meetings, workshops, pop-ups, coaching sessions, etc.