The Platform Made of Lisboa is integrated into the website and mobile version of the website.

The website and the mobile version of website Made of Lisboa are hereinafter jointly and without distinction as "Platform".

Please read our Privacy Policy before using the platform.
The Municipality of Lisbon recognizes, appreciates, respects and protects your right to privacy and, therefore, follows this Privacy Policy, which governs the collection and use of personal information through the Platform.

Using the Platform agree to the collection and use of your personal information for the same, provided they are made in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You should check this Privacy Policy regularly to learn of any changes. If you have questions about the Privacy Policy, please contact us by going here. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you are not allowed to use the platform and should abandon it immediately.

Obtaining personal information

The unregistered users can only take advantage of platform functions that do not require user registration, the following information is obtained regarding the Platform unregistered users:

IP address;
Google Analytics;
Geolocation and dwell times;
Interaction with external networks and social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google+;
Registered users fruem fully in all functions of the platform, the following information is obtained for the registered users of platform, in addition to those already mentioned above:

personal and business information in the form of data entered manually by the user, such as name, email, phone, cellphone, website, company name and location;
Profiles of social media and personal business;
Profession and place of work;
NIF to authenticate that it is a single register. No information stored in the database. Discarded
after validation during registration.
Use of personal and business information

Personal and business information users are used to help users to be indexed and found within the platform, and as such, mapped within the Ecosystem Entrepreneur of Lisbon.

The platform also uses the personal information of users not nominative statistical treatment, to the production of reports, studies and statistics or analysis, without any possibility of identification of individual users. This data processing and developing models based on this information can be performed by outside suppliers.

The reports, studies and statistical analyzes or produced based on information collected by the Platform can be free or against payment, available to third parties, without any possibility of identification of individual users.

Whether the municipality of Lisbon is legally obliged to cooperate with judicial or administrative authorities and have to disclose this personal information of Platform users, just provide the requested information or which are justified in the judicial or administrative proceedings. Personal user information may also be provided to the official authorities in the context of judicial or administrative proceedings if this proves necessary to removal or reduction of criminal or civil liability of the Municipality of Lisbon.
The Municipality of Lisbon adopted security procedures to protect personal information provided by users of the Platform. procedures for protection of personal information stored from unauthorized access are used as password (password) and HTTPS security certificate, as well as technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data and against loss or destruction, including accidental , the same. However, the Municipality of Lisbon can not guarantee the absolute security of personal information provided by users of the Platform.

The platform is intended to be used only by persons of legal age at which a person under the age of 18 years to enter personal information on the platform they will be used only to contact that person directly and inform you that you can not use platform as a minor.

To check and change personal / business information provided through the registration procedure as People, Company or Spot in the Platform, particularly to correct the data that is inaccurate or to update them, you must use the account settings of the user account of the Platform after have made the sign in it.

The Municipality of Lisbon reserves the right at any time change this Privacy Policy, at its sole discretion, if it deems necessary. If the changes to the Privacy Policy seriously jeopardize the personal information already obtained Platform users, the City of Lisbon will take the measures it deems reasonable and appropriate to warn these users about the changes to the Privacy Policy and the option to modify or cancel your registration on the Platform.

The Privacy Policy This force also for the website and the mobile version of the website that integrate the digital platform Made of Lisboa.