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If the organizer user of an event or activity covers a fee for participation in the event or activity, the Municipality of Lisbon is completely oblivious to this fact, not receiving, under any circumstances, this or part of this amount. It is the user be prudent in deciding to make payment of any amount that is required for participation in an event or an activity organized by Platform by other users.

Application Eligibility Criteria

What is Made of Lisboa?
Made of Lisboa is a brand, gathering all entrepreneurs and innovative companies involved with the city of Lisboa, through ideas, projects and innovative activities.
Based on digital platform, Made of Lisboa has online presence on several social networks, developing networking activities and face-to-face engagement with its members.

Who is it for?
For all entrepreneurs, startups, innovative companies and organisations that develop their activity in Lisboa.

How can I join Made of Lisboa community?
You can do it in three profiles:
1. Spots; 2. Companies; 3. People.
To join, you will have to register on Made of Lisboa Platform and meet the following requirements.