Crypto Lisbon 2018

By Armando Neves Jun 7, 2018

Armando heads up operations at Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting firm Chainsmiths.

Crypto Lisbon 2018

Lisbon has been our home for some time now. But lets cut to the chase what can we DELIVER for our time here?

Simply put here is what you can expect from Chainsmiths this Summer:

- Fintech Think Tank Initiative (On-going)
- Building on Bitcoin (July 3–4th)  See article published by Bitcoin Magazine
- Chainhack 3 (A blockchain agnostic hackathon)
- Weekly Crypto Meetups at The Block

At our core we see ourselves as researchers and architects. In the midst of the “blockchain hype” the differentiating factor between the self enriching projects from the legitimate ones is only one thing deliverables. Putting your money where your mouth is. 

Certainly it is good to be loud. When you keep your promises. A year into things and we have kept our word on every promise we have made. We moved to Lisbon last year and complained about the WIFI speed. So we helped kick-start The Block Cafe with a little help of our friends.

Our friends at Startup Portugal’s Think Tank initiative —Wanna get involved? Click here!We stated that we are community oriented so we decided to join forces with Startup Portugal on pushing a Fintech Think Tank initiative as a way to promote fintech growth in Portugal. This is an important one with actionable involvement so reach out to us via or contact Startup Portugal on how you can get involved in one of our working groups.

Back to crypto…

Education is a the only way forward where FUD (fear, uncertainty and dread) is abundant. Hence we chose to partner with Lightning Labs, Ledger among others to host Breaking Bitcoin last year. Seeing it was a success we are doing it again this time in our new home. Also we are doubling in size from 300 attendees to 600. Wow! Much people, such crypto! Unless you hold doge you won’t get that last reference. 

This was just a quick update on things for now. Reach out to us either on Twitter or via our website as always.

Armando at Chainsmiths