Fintech Providing Solutions During COVID-19 by Fintech House

By Fintech House May 7, 2020

In collaboration with Fintech founders, we have gauged the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and governmental measures on the sector

Fintech Providing Solutions During COVID-19 by Fintech House

The Fintech Solutions List

These can be challenging times for startups, but their innovation is essential to help us transform and come through the other side stronger. The Fintech Solutions List consists of over 40 startups in the Portuguese Ecosystem, who are exhibiting products and services that are helping during COVID-19.

With the increased move towards digitalisation, these solutions can be especially effective for incumbents to keep innovating.

We invite you all to:

- Get to know the solutions that these startups provide.
- Find those that interest you and ask Portugal Fintech for a meeting to connect with them.
- Tell us about the difficulties you are having in the digital space, so that we can help provide support. Contact us directly here!

Review the Webinar - Fintech during COVID-19 Period: Impact on the Ecosystem

Wednesday 22nd April, Portugal Fintech launched a Webinar giving a detailed view of how the Portuguese Ecosystem is being affected by the COVID19, with a deep dive into the results of the survey conducted.

We not only presented the difficulties that startups are encountering but also their solutions in The Fintech Solutions List; around 40 startups that can bring value in this period of time to the Financial services, especially in the process of Digital Transformation.

If you missed the webinar you can watch it below.


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