Grab a cup of coffee, check your salary and prepare to upgrade your tech career

By Mar 22, 2021

We're here to give you some of the most insightful data on the state of the tech careers scene in Portugal.

Grab a cup of coffee, check your salary and prepare to upgrade your tech career
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It’s a fact: tech professions are some of the most attractive professions nowadays. Information Technology is at the core of almost every business and activity. There is a huge need for more tech professionals (around 75.000 in Portugal today, and increasing), showing a clear reversal of the traditional ‘company-gives-you-a-job’ dynamic. The demand for tech professionals is way bigger than the talent available. Tech professionals are progressively taking the lead in the relationship and companies need to keep up to attract and retain the right people.

Tech Careers Report 2021 by Landing.Jobs

One of the most basic needs tech professionals and companies share is data regarding the job market. That’s why Landing.Jobs publishes the Tech Careers Report PT every year. It’s a community effort that benefits everyone, providing valuable insights on salaries, demographics, programming languages, companies, job motivators, and more.

This year’s report brought some cool insights, take a look:

  • 34% of respondents have remote jobs (full or flexible), regardless of the pandemic;

  • Tech professionals change jobs on average between every 1,5 to 2,3 years;

  • Working for companies outside Portugal is a growing tendency, currently counting on 22% of the tech workforce in this situation;

  • Working for an international company means wages 35,8% higher than working for a company in Portugal;

  • Full-Stack, Back-End and Front-End Developers are the most popular jobs profiles for Portuguese tech professionals, with around 50% representativity;

  • JavaScript is king amongst tech languages, used by the majority of tech professionals. Sharing the podium is also Java, and C#;

  • Work-life balance is the number one job motivator for Portuguese tech talent;

  • The average gross annual salary for tech professionals in Portugal is 32.500€ (48.000€ for Contractors).

  • Residents in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area earn salaries 18,4% higher than the national average;

  • Women have salaries 16% lower than men (last year the number was 23%);

  • 52% of respondents saw their salaries raised in the last 12 months, while 42% experienced salary stagnation;

  • If you are looking for top tech salaries, go for Go, Perl, Kotlin and Ruby on Rails, and stay away from VBA and PHP.

Whatever you do, stay in tech, because salaries are still higher than in most other industries.

To get a deeper insight into the reality of tech careers in Portugal, download and take a look at the Tech Careers Report PT.

This year we’re also organizing a Data Challenge aimed at the whole tech community, where data-people will be able to use the Report’s raw data to build their own analyses and submit them for the whole community to use and vote. We have 1.750€ in prizes for the 3 top-voted analyses. Read more about it here.

Finally, there’s one last thing I want to share with you: there’s a tech hiring boom coming. Since March 2020, tech professionals and companies have been a lot less active when it comes to recruitment. At Landing.Jobs, we’re seeing a huge change here regarding companies: the number of open job opportunities is rising steeply. So, if you think you need a change: pull yourself together and do something about it. No one’s going to do it for you. Don’t miss this tech hiring wave. Mine is a biased perspective, obviously, but I’d suggest you check cool job openings at Landing.Jobs to get started ;)

Also, please share the Tech Careers Report PT with your dev community. This is information that everyone should have in order to make the best decisions about their careers. Reach out directly to me if I can be of help in anything (


Pedro Moura

CMO @ Landing.Jobs and Head of Future at Future.Works