Lisbon’s Blockchain Community

By Armando Neves Sep 25, 2017

Hi there, my name is Armando and I head operations at In this short article I introduce Lisbon's first blockchain lab.

Lisbon’s Blockchain Community
Photo by Nathalia Segato

Chainsmiths has since its inception been a distributed team of blockchain experts working together. Our operational team worked out of Ireland for the past two years, but despite providing a good ecosystem for us to get started we pretty quickly learned that in order to launch a research lab we would have to grow. In Dublin, this would have been tricky, for various reasons. So, we set out to find a new home.

The criteria was simple:

1. Ease of access (the Airport is very close)
2. Locals with good level of English
3. Infrastructure to support the growth of an industry where everything needs to be built from scratch.
4. Great food and close to surfing locations (quality of life)

After a quick visit to Athens, Barcelona and Lisbon, we quickly realized, this is it.Right now, we’re just breaking stuff…

As this article is being written we are tearing down walls for what will be Lisbon’s first blockchain research lab. In in it we will host:

- Open Source work on blockchain protocols
- Startups we support and collaborate with
- Cool projects oriented around security, community and privacy
- Events for the public

The lab will also host industry contributors who happen to be in the neighborhood, even if that neighborhood is a flight or two away.

We have a ton of surprises in store but for now keep it that way.

Next time we will dig a little deeper, and discuss how we intend on doing our part in furthering Lisbon as a world class hub for blockchain technology as well as uncover some of the projects that we are working on as well as those we are supporting.

Reach out to us via Twitter on Made of Lisboa, or our website.