Spaces Between-Us Work

By Toyno Jul 22, 2021

Spaces Between-Us reflects the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on people's habits and behaviours regarding physical spaces.

Spaces Between-Us Work

With this project, we have sought to identify temporary and permanent behaviours to rethink workspaces that are more prepared to welcome back, safely and positively, its users.

At Toyno, we seek more than theory, so we decided to put into practice what we have learned this past year and, although we know there is a lot more to discover, we want to share what we have been thinking. 

Toyno's work focuses on creating spaces capable of promoting participation, sharing, and collaboration.

However, in 2020, our relationship with physical spaces changed very quickly. Suddenly, we were sent home and left our collective spaces behind. We started looking at these familiar spaces, as unsafe, as a luxury from the past, or as a motif to break the rules!

We adapted as fast as we could! We became more digital, and we created new ways to share and collaborate. However, it didn't take long for us to miss our boring coworker, that annoying squeaky chair, the watery coffee from the vending machine, and those infinite hallway conversations.

We kept hoping to quickly return to the park, office, coffeehouse, school, shops, or just to sit outside having a drink. Basically, we were anxious to return to normal!

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Toyno - Who are we? 

We are a Space Experience Design Studio! A studio that designs experiences capable of promoting behaviours of sharing, participation, and collaboration in cultural, work, learning and public spaces.