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By Startup Grind Lisbon Jul 6, 2022

What a better way to enjoy the summer vibes than in community with a cold drink in hand, soaking up the sunset on Selina’s rooftop?

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Running on fumes yet? We all know the startup culture worships the grind and wears burn out like a badge of honor. But is this mindset actually serving you or your startup? We dare say: not!

Join us in July as we take a stand for “your right to party” as the ultimate productivity hack! We will be chatting with successful entrepreneurs who’s life, career, and startup was revigorated by the not so simple decision to step back, take a break, allowing them to take stock of what is actually important, and gather the courage to make difficult choices that ultimately saved their careers.

And what a better way to enjoy the summer vibes than in community with a cold drink in hand, soaking up the sunset on Selina’s rooftop.

Who better to tell us all about the importance of a guilt-free vacation than our next event’s speaker Ryan Felix, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Altbe, an educational platform tackling outdated learning processes, and archaic assumptions on wellbeing and employee alienation and disengagement?

About our Speaker

By the tender age of 26, Ryan had grown a 7-figure affiliate marketing platform and tanked it as he became disengaged from his clients and alienated from his purpose. This “failure” has only fuelled Ryan’s determination to create a life of meaning, connection, and purpose for himself and others. As an avid proponent of mental health, Ryan helps companies increase their bottom line while promoting a healthy work-life balance by providing gamified e-learning experiences around the UK and Europe.

Ryan began to truly understand the impact new environments have on people’s outlook on life, creativity, productivity, and problem-solving abilities while he travelled Southeast Asia and lived in 10 countries. At Altbe he aims to recreate these experiences that benefit companies and their teams alike, as employees feel valued, engaged, and connected.


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