Startup Grind, the Largest Startup Community is back to Lisbon

By Fernando Jardim Feb 15, 2022

the World's largest community of entrepreneurs is back to Lisbon and will be gather the whole innovation ecosystem at Landing.Jobs

Startup Grind, the Largest Startup Community is back to Lisbon

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs, and is powered by Google for Startups. We host monthly events in more than 600 cities among 125 countries, featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators, and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies.

After a short break, we are excited to announce that we are re-launching the Startup Grind Lisbon Chapter! New year, new team, the same hustle! At our first event, we will be gathering the whole innovation ecosystem @Landing.Jobs to meet in real life over drinks, to connect with new and old friends, and foster mutual cooperation!

Registration can be done here, with very limited spots available.

The event is also supported by: 351 - The Portuguese Startup Community, Atlantic Station, AWS, Beta-i, Build Up Labs, Dital, EDP Starter, Founder Institute, Lean In Portugal, Le Wagon and Made of Lisboa!

About Landing.Jobs

The host for our first edition will be Landing.Jobs, A candidate-driven tech careers marketplace dedicated to matchmaking great tech talent with great opportunities. They're one of the most iconic startups in Portugal, as it is the building where they’re currently based. A curious story is that the Portuguese revolution of April 25th of 1974 got its name "Revolução dos Cravos" thanks to a lady that was working for a restaurant in that same building. The restaurant that was celebrating its first anniversary didn’t open and sent its employees home. When Dona Celeste met the soldiers downtown in Chiado, white and red carnations were the only thing she got to thank them for their role, which the soldiers started to put in their rifles.