Startup that provides alternative trips has arrived in Portugal (with prices starting at €29)

By Tripr Jul 15, 2021

After its success in Brazil, the startup Tripr started its operation in Portugal, with very appealing packages, as costs are divided by group

Startup that provides alternative trips has arrived in Portugal (with prices starting at €29)
Galiza (source: promotional)

After its success in Brazil, the startup “Tripr” started its operations in Portugal, bringing a new concept of travel to the country: the so-called “trips”. These are ecotourism excursions, lasting one to two days, focusing on alternative destinations, with very affordable prices (starting at 29 euros).

Popular in destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, the concept of “trips”  also started to grow in Portugal in recent times. Basically, “trips” are an evolution of excursions, but focusing on taking young people to very uncommon destinations. As they are very cost effective, it is possible to travel every weekend (inside or outside the country).

Their price includes everything you may need: transportation, accommodation, entrances to natural parks or other paid attractions, so there is no need of having a car, or organizing a group of friends to travel. 

So, solo travelers can just join a trip, and at the end of the day, they will go home full of friends, after having an amazing experience somewhere in the nature, as it can be seen below at a Trip to Berlengas organized by Naturtrips, one of the agencies registered at Tripr:

A trip can last a day (day trip) or a weekend (weekend trip). Among various destinations, "tripers" have the possibility to get to know paradise islands, hidden walkways and hikes, waterfalls, beaches, amusement parks, caves, among other options at very affordable prices, as all costs are shared by the group.

According to Fernando Jardim, founder of Tripr: 

This is the best choice for those who don't travel because they don't have a car or someone else to travel with. On a trip, the traveler can go alone and easily meet other travelers. In addition to being a fun experience, we offer a significantly cheaper offer than renting a car or buying private tours, and this allow our clients to go on vacations all the weekends!

As most of the agencies don´t offer the same destination often (each week they go somewhere new), the travel engine Tripr monitors several agencies, and updates their trips options every week, allowing travelers to discover new destinations and find the trip that best fits their profile or availability. The company also guarantees that the monitored agencies follow all the safety standards against Covid-19.

Currently, the platform offers 15 destinations in Portugal and 14 in other countries, with departures from Lisbon for 29€. By the end of the year, the startup plans its expansion to other cities in the country. You can now search for trips on Tripr's official website, which will send you the best travel and agency suggestions according to the requested date and destination.